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The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

How do I find my pension?

If you're looking to find your pension, you're in just the right place!
Whether it's a workplace pension scheme or personal pension scheme, simply follow the steps below for us to start your search:

Next Steps


STEP 1. Complete and send the Letter of Authority by clicking the link below – importantly adding your NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER, the date and the signature of the Pensionholder (using your mouse or digital pen).


STEP 2. We will telephone you to gather the basic information needed to allow us to trace your pension in accordance with the current Financial Conduct Authority requirements.


STEP 3. We will then contact Pension providers in order to locate your missing pension(s), collecting information we need to analyse and review your current pensions.


STEP 4. We then arrange a telephone appointment with one of our professional Pensions Advisers who will explain exactly what provision you currently have in place and make the necessary recommendations on how to maintain or improve your pension provision.

First things first, click here to send us your Letter of Authority
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Why Charles Derby Direct?

Charles Derby Direct offer both independent and restricted financial advice from the whole of the market, we keep our reputation by delivering the best possible levels of service to our clients. You can rely on us that:

  • Your initial consultation to review your current pension arrangements, is without obligation.
  • You won’t be pushed into making any decision. There is nothing worse than high pressure sales, it’s something we simply never do.
  • We complete our process over the phone at your convenience, there is no need for us to come to your work, office or home, or for you to visit us.
  • We like to keep things jargon-free. If you don’t understand any of the process or any recommendations made, just ask.
  • We will only then make an agreed charge if you act on our professional advice. The effect of our advice fees will be taken into consideration when we make our recommendation and will then be deducted from your pension, so there’s no need to find any extra money to pay for the advice.
How We Maintain Your Pension Provision

Our recommended 'Catch Up'

At least once a year we recommend a further meeting or ‘catch up’. The purpose of this is to make sure your pension provider is doing what they say and to answer any questions you may have. Of course, you are free to call us at any time throughout the year if you need advice on any of your other financial planning questions. Please remember that as Independent Financial Advisers, we offer holistic financial advice which includes not only reviewing Pensions but also your Investments, ISA’s, Life Insurance and Mortgages.